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Our Recreation Program

Our Recreation Programs are for Boy & Girls ages 2-14. This is a non-competitive program.
Scores are not recorded, this is a skills building program. All players will play all positions.
Players of all skill levels are welcome. Professional Training will be provided as an optional
service, upon request.

Mini Kickers (ages2-4):

Mini kickers is a program by youth coaching specialists that introduces children ages 2 to 5 years to soccer fundamentals.  The program uses age appropriate activities, drills and games to develop skills and confidence, on the field and off, focusing on improving muscle development, increasing body awareness and movement planning skills, and building confidence in movement based activities.

Mini kickers facilitates positive development for young participants as they develop their awareness of self and their environment.  As they develop their soccer skills in a nurturing team environment, they build up their self esteem and confidence interacting with other children in active environments like playgrounds and play cafes. 

Sayreville Soccer Club's professional training partners are international experts at working with young children and combine soccer with age appropriate, fun games and activities that engage and entertain young athletes, starting them correctly on their voyage of positive youth development through sport. 

As host organization, Sayreville Soccer Club enlists only partners with licensed, qualified coaches who have undergone a thorough background check and personality screens.  All coaches are experienced players and coaches, with continuous training in child development best practices, as well as age appropriate first aid,  child safety/safe haven and injury prevention.

Micro Program (ages 4-5):
A co-educational introduction to soccer course taught by highly skilled trainers.  It is designed for our
young participants, ages 4 and 5.  The drills and training exercises teach introductory soccer skills
and are adapted to the physiological and cognitive levels of the participants.  Micro players meet
once per week on Saturdays.

Recreation Program (ages 6-16):
A semi-competitive program that focuses on the enjoyment of the game and development of skills. 
Provides an opportunity for the players to have fun and learn the sport. Ages 5 – 12. Practices and
training during the week and games on Saturdays.  
Available age groups include:

  • U6 & U7 Game based instruction for new players.
  • U8 & U9 Game based instruction to build skills. 
  • U10 – U16 Game base instruction.

Travel Program:
A more intensive, competitive program in which teams travel to other towns to play games. Players
must try out for teams.  Practices and trainings during the week and games on Sundays.  Ages 8 –
16. Click Here for more info.

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Buddy Ball Program: 
A community based training and team placement program for young athletes, ages 4 – 15, with
varying disabilities.  The program is designed to give boys and girls with physical and/or
developmental delays an opportunity to learn to play and love soccer in a comfortable, safe and
nurturing environment. The goal of the program is to enable young athletes with disabilities to
become valued and successful members of the US Youth Soccer family.  The program takes place
on Saturday afternoons. 

Professional Training:

To better enhance our players abilities and enjoyment of the sport, we are enlisting the training program from a professional training organization – FSC. The is a partnership between Sayreville Soccer Club and trained professional coaches to work with all children from younger fun based sessions to more demanding technical and tactical practices at the club.  The service is optional and available to all recreational levels, U6 to U13+.


If you have any questions about our program, please contact the staff members listed on this site.

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