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Field Updates Spring 2017

Please pardon our delay with our fields.  As you all may know, this is probably the toughest task for us to challenge this season.  We should have them up and running by this weekend's games.  The schedule will be emailed shortly tonight or by tomorrow morning.  

Parents:  for this week, report to your coach's practice as scheduled but it will be at borough hall.  At this session you will get to meet your Challenger trainer and he/she will get to meet your children and perhaps run a small drill with them alongside with your child's coach.  We are looking to return to the complex by next week with the schedules as normal for both Challenger and coach practices.  

On behalf of the club with like to thank you all for your patience with all these curve balls the weather has thrown us. We always strive to do the best we can to get our kids out to play.

Please if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.



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