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End of Season Trophies

We will be doing the trophy distribution a little different this season. SSC will be purchasing pizzas and juices for the kids. Plus we will be nice and warm inside 😊Pictures will also be distributed for those that haven’t received them. There will be walk up registrations for our indoor program for those that want to sign up. Cash or check will be best as I do not know if our laptop will be working. Please make every effort come on your assigned night. With the holidays coming our staff will be enjoying their down time so any pictures or trophies will not be distributed after the assigned dates. We hope you understand. Please look below for your date and time, your coach also received this email  

Location Sayreville Senior center 423 Main Street banquet room first floor. 

Here are the dates and ages
MICROS—Nov 28th 6pm-7pm (Banquet room)
BUDDY BALL—Nov 28th 6pm-7pm (Banquet room)
U6–Nov 28th 7:15pm-8:15pm (banquet room)

U7-U8–Nov 29th 6pm-7pm (Banquet room)

U9-U10–Nov 30th 6pm-7pm (banquet room)
U11-12–Nov 30th 6pm-7pm (banquet room)
U13+—Nov 30th 7pm-8pm (banquet room)

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