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Rec Workbond for Spring 2019

Click on the Sign Up button below to sign up for an available workbond slot for the Spring 2019 season!

Rec Workbond for Spring 2019

Work Bond Requirements

Work Bond Requirement

Sayreville Soccer Club is an all-volunteer organization. We depend and rely on our parents to assist us in making our league successful and fun for our children. To achieve our success, we ask for you to help give us a hand.

Recreation work bond: We ask that parents provide a work bond payment via check upon receiving their child’s uniform. Recreation teams will make their work bond payments by check. The check should be made payable to SSC or Sayreville Soccer Club in the amount of $150. Per family, not child. This payment will be shredded once parents have completed their volunteer duty of 3-hour shift at the Sayreville Soccer Complex. We will be using an online sign up website, a link will be provided at the beginning and throughout the season.

There are many work duties to choose from so that it is convenient for you.  Cancelations or rescheduling will need to be done at least 48 hours before your assigned shift so that appropriate arrangements can be made. We understand in the fact of emergencies, however, if you sign up, and do not show up, your check will be cashed.

The following positions may be available through the season:
1.) Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager (all season)
These are the only positions available for online sign up (SSC approval & background check required)
2.) Concession Stand
Please sign in and include your child’s name (s) and birth year (s).
3.) Field Maintenance
Field maintenance consists of heavy lifting, painting, handling dirt, filling holes, lots of physical work. If you are unable to do the needed tasks, do not sign up. If anyone is interested in helping all season working with the Field Coordinator on a regular basis, please contact me at or Serious inquiries only please.
4.) Crossing Guard/ Parking Patrol & Safety
Help people & children cross the street. No sitting and reading. Please make sure no one parks on the grass. If so, tell them to move. There is plenty of parking fields 1-3, 4-5-6, and baseball field.

If you are registering more than one child. You will see the discount at checkout for the additional children. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail the recreational team of Pav or Edna at: or

Travel team work bond: Travel team parents will submit their work bond payments of $150 (2) each by check to their coach prior to the travel soccer season. Two checks, one dated December 1 of the current year, and one dated July 1 of the following year. This will be provided to the coach with the required NJYS registration forms prior to the beginning of the season. The team will normally be scheduled on a Sunday or Saturday morning and completed as a team. Sometimes, there may be other Club needs which will be communicated. After completion of the work bond duty, checks will be shredded. If you are unable to attend the chosen date please inform your coach and/or  and possibly other arrangements can be made. Dates are chosen by the coaches. Once finalized, scheduled are emailed to the coaches.

** Please note: Any checks that are cashed and returned, WILL BE SUBJECTED TO A $50 FEE APART FROM THE AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL CHECK.

Thank you and Enjoy the Season!