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Rec Spring Season

It may not look like it but spring soccer season is right around the corner. We are looking to begin the week of April 9th with the first game on April 14th (weather permitting)

Travel Team Tryouts

Interested in a more intensive, competitive program? Consider trying out for our Travel Teams. Travel Teams will travel to other towns to play competitive games. Players must tryout for teams. Practices and trainings during the week and games on weekends. The following teams are available to Try-out for:

2005- Girls Lady Bulldogs 
2005- Boys Scorpions 
2006- Boys Sport Warriors 
2007- Boys Sayreville United Lions
2008- Boys Sayreville Bandits 
2008- Girls Blue Diamonds 
2009- Boys Bombers 
2009- Girls Cyclones 
2010- Boys Jr. Bulldogs
2011- Boys New Team

Try Out Dates- Week of April 23rd

Try Out Registration

Uniform Orders

Register before March 19th

A brief announcement regarding uniforms: Uniform ordering for Rec players will be placed this Monday Mar.19th mid day. Anyone who signs up past Monday will be placed in our late order shipping.  We are doing our best to do things in an orderly fashion to get things done and on time.  If you haven’t signed up, we strongly recommend doing so before Monday March 19th.

Message from our Vice President



The volunteer parent is the most valuable asset to any youth recreation program, and is the most underutilized.


As your Sayreville Soccer Vice President, a very big challenge has come to my attention.

I have been asked by the Sayreville Soccer Club to recruit volunteer parent coaches, after making an observation that the SSC may be “pulling the cart in front of the horse”, an idiom or old proverb used to suggest that we may be confusing the correct order in which we should be doing things.


Last year SSC, much to its regret, faced many challenges with late recreation registrations, but none more difficult as recruiting coaches. The SSC never wants to deny young players an opportunity to participate in the SSC Recreation Soccer program due to the lack of volunteer coaches. Our community cannothave Recreation Soccer in Sayreville without providing a strong number of volunteer coaches.

Season after season and year after year the SSC looks to recruit novice parent coaches and introduce them to the game, parents, and players all at once, which I fully understand may be a bit overwhelming. However, it is that individual he/she who volunteers that makes an unselfish decision to provide fun, recreation, and player development. 

Some of the changes we are hoping to offer our rookie coaches , with our best intentions; provide you with a coaching syllabus, partnering you up with an experienced coach, providing you travel level coaches schedules so you may shadow them, and our recent partnership with FSC and their trainers will be available to you if necessary.

The SSC and I anticipate this will create more value in you as a volunteer coach and create a level of comfort with your decision to volunteer.

While coaching in the SSC with your son/daughter we want you to retain the following: willingness to learn and develop as a youth coach, participation to create a positive culture, and be a proud member of the SSC during your time with the club.

I am a volunteer, I have developed many soccer players to their desired interest and I intend on providing several more years to the club. But without enough volunteers and coaches I may not have that opportunity in Sayreville.

To coach my sons and the hundreds of other children that have gone through our program has been a blessing and as I start a new journey with their two younger sisters maybe the number will reach the thousands.   

Please take a moment to consider our clubs urgencies. The best players are not the best youth coaches and the best youth coaches were never players. Might you be the best coach that never played, you may never know because you did not try it?


Best Regards,

Mr. Joseph M. Pucciarello

SSC Vice President

Buy Gear for Spring Season


WHEN: Saturday March 24th

WHERE: Dick’s Sporting Goods – 325 Route 18 – East Brunswick NJ

WHAT: Bring the attached flyer to Gear Up for the season with 20% off*

Can’t wait for 3/24? Feel Free to print and use these Coupons (Sayreville Soccer - DSG Coupons) any time, at any store (CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH 20%).*See store for exclusions


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